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About online wholesale
How to wholesale

First you need to apply to become our wholesale member,
After our review, we'll assign your member account and password,
And then log in on our website, you can see the wholesale directory, and can begin wholesale orders!

What is moq?

Since our nature is wholesale, so the product will have a minimum order
Now our minimum order = 10 piece / each model,
But also need to meet the total amount of orders not less than USD1000!

How to pay?

At present, we can accept the following three payment methods:

1: Bank transfer - apply to the larger amount of orders, this can save the cost of payment, after you complete the payment, please send the bank receipt by e-mail sent to us, the order can take effect

2: Paypal- apply to a smaller amount, due to paypal fee is higher, if you choose paypal payment, customers need to pay an additional 5% paypal fee.

3: Western Union-need to use Western Union customers, you need to contact us in advance to obtain payment information!


We use international express transport orders,
We will use the international transport companies are: UPS, DHL, FEDEX.
We will be based on the actual situation of orders, choose the appropriate mode of transport,
Shipping time is usually 3-7 days.

delivery date?

Wholesale orders are usually arranged within 7 days of delivery, but does not rule out some of the style out of stock, need to reproduce, when we will receive your order within 24 hours will with you confirm the delivery date,

if need to delay , Will definitely tell you that if you can not accept the delay in delivery, your payment will be returned to you!

Did not find the answer you wanted?

It does not matter, you can contact us by email, ask questions directly to us, within 24 hours you can get a satisfactory reply!

How to order products?

Since we do not have retail operations, so prices are not published on the website, which can not support online sales,
if you like our products, please contact us by e-mail to obtain a complete product price list and order form, fill out the order form in the back to us, the perfect order is complete,
then you just need to wait for the goods delivered to your doorsteps.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order=100 piece each model.

How long delivery date?

We maintain efficient operation, the normal order of delivery dates strictly controlled within 20-30 days, because we all year round to maintain adequate accessories, many orders get faster.

What mode of transport?

Our the most widely approach is used DHL Express, because we have a good working relationship with DHL
we can get cheapest price to quickly transport the product for you, most of the world supported 3-7 days door to door service.

Do you warranty your product?

We provide one year quality guarantee for our medical ID jewelry.
Non-human damage, we offer returns, replacement services.

How to payment?

Payment Policy: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipment,
We support three payment model:
Western Union,
Bank transfer,
Paypal (only the order amount is less than US $ 1000, can support paypal, and also need to pay 5 % paypal fee).

Whether to support retail?

No, because we are manufacture company, so do not support the retail, we only support wholesale and custom business, personal customers, please contact our local distributor for support.

What material to use for medical id jewelry?

We use medical grade stainless steel as the primary material to produce medical id jewelry, according to the style of the product may also will used leather, silicone, crystal as a connecting material, all materials have to undergo a rigorous selection, to ensure that the human body-friendly, non-allergenic, non-radioactive material.

What is the size of the product?

Our standard bracelet length:
Male: 8.5 "  
Female: .7.5 "  
Kid's: 5 "

Do you can custom sizes ?

Yes, we support custom size, if the overall length is more than 9 ", need to pay the additional cost,
if not more than 9",
the cost is the same, regardless of whether or custom sizes shorter than our standard size .

Whether we can adjust the size by myself?

Of course, our designed to be very easy to adjust the size, you only need a few simple tools, if you have a need, we can provide free, so you can easily adjust the size for each customer.

Your product is suitable for which type engraving machines?

We promote the use of fiber-optic laser machine, however, suitable for engraving stainless steel mechanical engraving machine can also be used.

Complaints and suggestions?

If you think our products quality defects or  personnel services and any other service are not satisfied
or if you have any suggestions,
welcome send email to us,your question will get a response within 24 hours,
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