2016 New Design -Personality full of handmade chain style Medical id bracelet

Spring has already arrived, Steelidjewelry bring you a personality full of handmade chain style series Medical id bracelets

The entire series selected  more 20 styles the unique shape and Different styles of the handmade chain, with our classic medical id plate and a new oval style plate.

For you to create a different atmosphere of the scene.

Whether at work, sports, leisure or appointments, you can always find the right style,
Our design can easily replace the chain, you can have several chains with a plate,
From Monday to Sunday, you can switch to a different style.

Monday, beginning a new day’s work, we wear comfortable style Horse buckle Medical id bracelet


Tuesday, the appointment time using very charming blossom Medical id bracelet


Wednesday, sports, how can no Serial Medical id bracelet


Thursday, leisure time Mashups chain Medical id bracelet makes you more exciting


Friday: attended the event, Bara Medical id bracelet makes you different


Saturday, Sunday, free time, freedom of choice


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