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Offers the richest style men Medical alert id bracelets, respectively: chains medical alert bracelets, links medical alert bracelets, leather medical id bracelets and silicone sports medical id bracelets,
All bracelet dimensions are reached 8.5 “or more, and be able to adjust the size by customers themselves.
chain medical alert bracelet have variety of chain, there are Harley chain, figaro chain, Cowboy chain, heart chain, and other kinds of stainless steel chain

links medical alert bracelets: width 10-14mm between, the medical id plate length reaches 40mm or more, at least three lines of text engraved,
Leather medical id bracelets more suitable for casual play, and silicone medical alert bracelets for exercise, is better than this!

All models accept wholesale custom, minimum order only 100 of each model.