Round Crystal transparent Lockets Medical Alert Bracelets

We Glad has published 2014 a new series-Lockets-the first product,
A round Lockets, surrounded by 38 white crystals, diameter 25mm, with chain weight of 18 g,
Front and back of transparent glass corresponds, with waterproof tape, meet mild living waterproof.

Front(Transparent, can clearly see the paper labels red snake symboli)


Open(Lockets screw structure, swing open, a built-in waterproof)

MD0806 open

Back(also transparent)

MD0806 back

paper medical alert tag, you can record private information!


Four colors to choose from:
Stainless steel color, gold, Rose Gold, Black

MD0806S2MD0806G2  MD0806RGMD0806B

While also supporting 20-style chain can mix and match, changing many styles!

IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2034………………

The same paragraph style pendant with the listing!


MP0196G2 MP0196RG MP0196B MP0196

If you like it, please contact us order it!

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