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Simple fashion medical id bracelet use Stainless steel chain +Medical id palte

This summer, we launched a simple and stylish series, We offer dozens of different styles of stainless steel, leather, crystal beaded style bracelet, As well as several different styles of medical id plate, So that customers can freely choose with style, So that customers themselves to join for their own to create a unique medical […]

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical alert bracelets are extremely invaluable during medical emergencies, when even mere seconds are a rare commodity. Their purpose is to speak on your behalf, when medical debilities render you unable to do so. Given the importance of these contraptions, selecting the right medical bracelet is extremely important. Here’s what you should ask your provider […]

NFC Bracelet-to open a Digital recording personal medical information new era

The traditional medical id bracelet, confined bracelet itself size, can only record very limited information, such as engrave “diabetes”, “allergy”, etc., or simply customize the name and telephone, and once customized, can not be modified, If you want to record more personal the necessary information, it will not do anything! Technology makes it all changed, […]

3D cartoon rubber medical ID bracelet have over 100 designs 3D cartoob rubber medical ID bracelets which with moneky, dophline, dragon, butterfly, flower, fruit, cars, star, scoccer ball, airplain design & patterns and … Colors have red, pink, peach, green, purple, blue, yellow, black and … The color can be order as PANTONE color. All the top quality 3D rubber […]

Colorful hot summer beach sport medical id bracelets

2014 continued hot summer, this is a good time playing in the water, you will get out and go to the beach refreshing summer! When walking on the beach, do you will bring a little bit summer colors for wrist , if yes, The need to wear medical id bracelet of people will have the […]

Round Crystal transparent Lockets Medical Alert Bracelets

We Glad has published 2014 a new series-Lockets-the first product, A round Lockets, surrounded by 38 white crystals, diameter 25mm, with chain weight of 18 g, Front and back of transparent glass corresponds, with waterproof tape, meet mild living waterproof. Front(Transparent, can clearly see the paper labels red snake symboli) Open(Lockets screw structure, swing open, […]